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ith a deep breath that: this restaurant was convenient a▓nd benefit for people with super value dishes! Shouted: bring me the brush pen! The brush pen, ink, p▓aper and ink stone were all prepared, he written▓ three big words quickly BIAN YI FANG. All pe▓ople accla

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imed good. Therefore, Bian Yi Fang was famous for Yang Ji Sheng and other ministers went there frequently.Telephone: 8610-67088680 Address: 3rd Floor, ▓The New World Building, Chongwen District Metro: Line 12 and get off at Chongwenmen stati▓on Related stories

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:BEIJING, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing roast duck, probably the most famous Chines▓e dish in the world, has become a top favorite for▓ global athletes competing at the Beijing Olympics, as the canteens in the Athletes Village has to double its▓ daily supply from 3

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00 to 600, a Games offi▓cial said here on Friday."The athletes like the roast duck very much. To ensure they fully enj▓oy the Chinese delicacy, we have decided to raise the daily supply of the ducks from 300 to 600," Deng Yaping, spokeswoman of the Olympic Village

nasty), Yang Ji Sheng (Zi Zh

ongfang, Hao Jiaosha

of the Bei▓jing Games, said at a press conference in the Main Pr▓ess Center (MPC).An earlier report by the En▓glish newspaper Ch

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ina Daily said that the Beijing speciality was regularly sold out by 8 p.m. in the athlete▓s village at the original su

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pply of 300 per day.C▓ooked in a special way, the duck is usually sl▓iced and dipped in a sweet plum sauce before being wr

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apped into a thin pancake along with thin slices of Chinese onion and cucumber.According to Olympic caterer Amarak, they have hire

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d chefs from the 136-year-old Quanju▓de Beijing Roast Duck chain to prepare the duck, also a go▓urmet's choice for the Chinese, in the trad▓itional style.According to Deng, four-time Olympic table ▓tennis champion and almost a household name in Ch▓ina, the canteens in the Olympic Village have set a world record in terms of the scale and quality of the f▓ood service they have provided."By Aug. 14, the main canteen in the village had received a total of 273,627▓ athletes and officials from various countries and regions, setti

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while, some one r ecognized him and knew he was the patri otic minister, s▓o he notified th e owner of the resta urant. So the owner self brought him the d uck and Chinese spirits for he adm ired him deeply, the owner c hatted with "Yang Ji Sheng" happ ily. When "Yan g Ji Sheng" knew the n ame of the r estaurant, and felt the service there was th oughtful, then ha said w 绥江县5G 五河县5G 安阳县wap 新河县wap 揭西县5G 金湖县wap 东莞市wap 绩溪县wap 梅河口市5G 瑞安市5G 青海wap 昌宁县wap 灌阳县5G 明溪县5G 云阳县5G 奉新县5G 平湖市5G 泸州市5G 周口市wap 桐柏县wap 手机传奇私服185游戏网 单职业超变态传奇私服网站 传奇私服打金怎么赚钱 开传奇私服教程 新开传奇私服开服 传奇私服端游 传奇私服gm命令查看 单机版传奇私服版本 微端传奇私服网站 传奇私服排行榜前3名